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Since it was first recognized in 1970, Earth Day has grown to a global mobilization of over 1 billion citizens strong who share a commitment to fight for the health of our planet. With even a greater sense of urgency, this year’s theme of Invest in our Planet has a focus to “preserve and protect our heath, our families and our livelihoods” and calls on all citizens to “act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably”.

At BOSSPRO, we are always looking for ways to push sustainable products – ones that leave less of a footprint on the planet and offer just as high a level of quality, trendiness and usefulness for your brand. To be considered sustainable, a product should use less water and energy during production, use materials made from renewable resources or waste products, and have reduced chemical waste and emissions. Best case scenario products would be biodegradable and with minimal packaging.

We’ve created this guide to explore some of the more popular materials on the market and help you become a more environmentally conscious consumer when purchasing your everyday branded merchandise!

Recycled Materials

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton reduces the amount of new cotton being produced and used, and reduces the impact of cotton farming. Cotton farming not only requires 250 billion tons of water annually, but also heavily relies on pesticides.

Products pictured: Tote Bag | Apron | Notebook

Recycled Polyester (rPET)

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this process diverts plastic from landfills. Plastic is melted to make fibers, which can be turned into fabrics. These fabrics can then be turned into products such as t-shirts, reusable grocery bags, and backpacks!

Products pictured: Backpack | Umbrella | T-shirt | Water Bottle

Cellulose (Recycled Paper)

Cellulose insulation is made from up to 85 percent recycled material and uses less energy to manufacture than other types of insulation. By sourcing local materials like the paper you put in your recycling bin, using low-energy manufacturing and reducing the need for long-haul transportation, cellulose insulation is an environmentally responsible choice.

Products pictured: Cellulose Waist Pack | Cellulose Cooler Bag | Recycled Paper USB

Plant-Based Materials


Hemp is an eco-friendly crop, requiring little water, pesticide, or fertilizers to grow quickly. Fabrics are also biodegradable.

Products pictured: Hemp tote | Hemp Beanie | Hemp Notebook


Strong and durable, bamboo is another plant that grows quickly and easily, and doesn’t need pesticide or fertilizers. Bamboo can not only be used as a fabric, but for other eco-friendly goods, such as cutlery, toothbrushes, cutting boards, etc.

Products pictured: Bamboo Utensils | Bamboo Charger Powerbank | Bamboo Hoodie


Did you know cork comes from trees? Harvested from the bark of cork oak trees that grow in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa, cork is sustainable and renewable. Cork is naturally elastic, fire resistant, cushioning, anti-microbial, biodegradable, and buoyant, making it a fantastic material for items such as shoes, and leather and wood alternatives.

Products pictured: Cork Tote Bag | Cork Name Badge | Cork Yoga Mat

Biodegradable Resins

To reduce dependence on traditional plastics, biodegradable resins are derived from plants such as corn and soybeans, making them biodegradable and compostable. They are widely used as plastic substitutes for items such as single-use plastics (e.g. cutlery, disposable food packaging), cosmetics, and medical products.

Products pictured: lip balm packaging made from potato| pens made from cornstarch | cups made from coffee grounds

Seed Paper

Seed paper is an eco-friendly paper made with recycled materials embedded with plant (e.g. wildflower) seeds. After the paper is used, it can be planted.

Wristbands made from seed paper

Other products: Seed Wristbands | Seed Calendar

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is a byproduct from grain harvesting, and when the leftover stalks are used to make plastic, it becomes compostable! It is most commonly used for straws, but is great for other plastic replacements.


Products pictured: wheat ear buds | wheat straw notebook | wheat straw utensils


Fabrics and Materials to Avoid

Materials to avoid would include products made with new plastic and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, spandex, acrylic, nylon, and rayon. These fabrics are made from petroleum and/or coal-based chemicals, making their production harmful to the environment.

Look for many more ideas on how you can make better choices when purchasing everyday merchandise for your employees gifts and client giveaways in our latest Boss Curated – Fresh & New Lookbook.



April is here and the month of celebrating the planet begins! Many companies and brands will be focusing on their environmental impact more than ever this month – sharing their eco strategies as well as purchasing promotional products to help their employees and clients decrease their footprint in the world. While this is excited to see, companies must be careful to not fall prey to “greenwashing”, are marketing trap that can come across as phony and misleading.

Greenwashing is essentially when a company or organization spends more time and money on marketing themselves as being sustainable than on actually minimizing their environmental impact. It’s a deceitful advertising method to gain favor with consumers who choose to support businesses that care about bettering the planet. Greenwashing takes up valuable space in the fight against environmental issues, like climate change, plastic ocean pollution, air pollution and global species extinctions.

But, take heart, follow these ideas to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing.

Ways to be Eco-friendly Without Greenwashing

1. Turn off the lights! This alone can cut energy costs greatly. Open curtains and use natural light, which will brighten rooms and moods. Add desk plants that thrive in sunlight and increase air quality and wellness.

    People Planter Kit                  Wooden Cube Blossom Kit             Modern Sprout Balance Kit

2. Encourage reusable lunch items. Encourage employees to bring in their own meals will not only cut down on disposable packaging from takeout but it will help cut down on carbon emissions by not having people driving to get lunch every day.


Lunch Box Set                          Wheatstraw Tableware Set                    rPET Lunch Cooler

3. Use a reusable coffee cup and water bottle. Instead of buying coffee in a paper cup every time you need a coffee fix, buy an insulated coffee mug and fill it up at the home or office with your daily coffee. Ban plastic water bottles and install high quality water coolers for refilling your gifted reusable water bottles.


Vacuum Insulated Cup        Bottle w/ Copper Lining              Stojo Titan 24oz Cup

4. Embrace reusable items. Talk to us about items that can reduce your waste output – refillable notebooks, whiteboards instead of post-it notes, even a pencil that lasts forever!


Retractable Infinity Pencil                 Reusable Memo Pad            Rocketbook Notebook Bundle Set

To avoid greenwash marketing for your brand, even unconsciously, continue to do your part by reaching for reusable products – not just in the month of April – but all year long.


For more inspiration on sustainable merchandise and trends, check out our latest catalogue here.

The Rich History of the Hoodie

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The Rich History of the Hoodie

The hoodie is universally loved for its soft, warm and comfortable fit, but did you know this beloved piece of clothing has a rich history submerged in culture? From medieval Europe to sports and street culture, the hoodie has seen it all. Let’s take a look at the brief history of the hoodie: 1920’s: The sweatshirt In 1926, after looking for an alternative to itchy wool practice jerseys Russell Athletics produced the first sweatshirt, now widely regarded as a crew neck sweatshirt. The thick comfortable all-cotton material with became known for its comfort and durability and thus the first sweatshirt began production by 1930. 1930’s: The hooded sweatshirt Born of modest origins, the first official hooded sweatshirt, was created by Champion, formally the Knickerbocker Knitting Co. Looking for a solution to keep laborers and athletes warm and protected from the elements, Champion created a thicker and warmer all-cotton material, and combined it with a hood resulting in the hoodie. Although Champion and Russell Athletics are the oldest hoodie and sweatshirt brands they are still some of the most popular! Check out some of their best-selling products: Russell Athletics                                                                     Champion 1960’s: collegiate fashion Like many other fashion trends, the hooded sweatshirt grew its popularity quickly throughout high schools, as track and football athletes would give their hoodies to their girlfriends to wear. By the 1960’s the hoodie’s popularity continued to spread as university and colleges, much like today, began printing their logos on hoodies. 1970’s: the rise of the athletes Originally called “side-line sweatshirts,” these new hooded sweatshirts fit right into the sports industry. By the 1960s, legends like Muhammed Ali were often photographed wearing hoodies in training. This celebrity appeal persisted thanks to icons like Joe Namath but its when the cult film Rocky came out in 1976, that the hooded sweatshirt finally gained some iconic status. The main actor Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone,) wears a grey hoodie in most training scenes, as he fights his way up from amateur boxer to heavyweight champion of the world. All the big names in sports apparel jump on the trend. Here are some of our current sport brand faves: Under Armour                                  Adidas                                        Nike 1980’s and onwards…  The rather negative connotation of the hoodie being associated to crime (and graffiti) rapidly became a positive, cool and urban association. Due to the emergence of New York hip hop culture and rap throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s hip-hop and street style had developed a large influence on mainstream fashion. By the 1990’s the hooded sweatshirt was now regarded as the “hoodie” and had made its way to the runway, with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren helping to bring the street style around full circle. Today’s favourites…  While the hoodie can still carry a negative connotation (such as sloppy dressing), it has become an increasingly popular piece of clothing due to...

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Attend Client Day at our National Promotional Products Tradeshow

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Attend Client Day at our National Promotional Products Tradeshow

September 15th is client day at our Promotional Products Canada National Tradeshow. Boss Promotions is inviting you to walk with us to see all the latest new merchandise, trends and apparel just in time for planning the holiday season and 2023 marketing plans. This tradeshow is a free, one-day, not-to-be-missed event! Sign up HERE! Read on for some of our top reasons for attending this tradeshow! 1. Get new ideas A trade show is a perfect place to get you out of a rut. They host a seemingly endless supply of businesses promoting their products which can present solutions to problems you weren’t aware of or offer ideas for how you can boost your business. It can provide that needed inspiration to push your business one step further! Why pass up this opportunity to easily see everything the promotional world has to offer you under one roof? 2. Indulge your senses Pickup, touch & feel, try on, etc. Instead of getting a whole bunch of samples sent to you – go to the samples! Everything at the show is there for you to get a tangible sense of what the product is like. There may even be music on speakers to listen to, soaps to smell and goodies to taste! 3. Everything is in one place When business owners, industry leaders and teachers, and product promoters are all consolidated to one area, it provides a chance to do a lot in a small amount of time. You can get up to date on industry trends, discover new products, and discover ways to increase business for your company. 4. Meet & Greet with Boss employees You are free to walk the show on your own, at your own pace…or you can choose to walk with your Boss rep and meet face to face! Meet our preferred vendors, let us point out new and exciting products to you, and get to know us! 5. A Boss Treat All clients that come to the show will go home with a little something special from us to help you soak in all that you’ve seen and experienced!   Don’t miss this one-day, free event.  You don’t want to miss it! September 15, 2022, 10:00am – 3:00pm Toronto International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga Sign up...

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Drinkware: The Latest Fashion Accessory

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Drinkware: The Latest Fashion Accessory

When you hear fashion the first thing that normally come to mind are clothes, shoes or hats fresh off of the runway, but now its time to reconsider the notion that fashion only includes wearables. What used to be an after thought, tossed carelessly in bags, is now the latest must have product. Drinkware is a practical and trendy accessory to accompany an occasion and outfit. The latest trend: drinkware The practicality of drinkware in partnership with the power of social media is to blame for it’s rising popularity. Celebrities and influencers being photographed holding a bottle can turn a generic brand into the latest craze. Hop on the latest trend and some personality to your outfits with trendy drinkware. Whether you take a minimalistic approach with a sleek design, or prefer to show off a bold fun pattern, there is an option available for you. Here are some trending brands right now: Hydro Flask, ASOBU, YETI, S’well and Stojo are all know for their high-quality materials and sleek designs that turn heads. However, it’s important to note that the perks of fashionable water bottles go beyond their visual appearance. Many products feature unique characteristics that make them just as practical as fashionable. For instance some keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours while others are small enough to fit into a handbag or are constructed with eco-friendly materials. Brands that give back Some brands go beyond the stylish designs, high-quality construction and unique features. Brands such as CORCKCILE, Welly, MiiR and Klean Kanteen emphasize the importance of giving back. Purchasing from brands that have a charitable aspect may tie into your company values or make a lasting impression on your employees and clients. None the less you are purchasing a product that makes a change. Both MiiR and Klean Kanteen are members of  1% For the Planet, an organization whose members donate 1% of their annual sales to organizations working to protect our planet. Other brands such as Welly and CORKCILCE both support organizations that focus on providing access to clean water. Welly donates 1% of sales to support clean water in underserved communities, while CORCKCICLE donates a portion of every purchase to bring people clean water through their partnership with charity: water. Sustainable drinkware With an increased emphasis on our environmental impact, shopping sustainability has become a popular consumer buying habit. Purchasing reusable bottles is a good start but many look to go a step further to find sustainability made products. By purchasing high quality products made from recycled plastic, glass and decomposable materials you are encouraging sustainable manufacturing methods and are contributing to a healthier and cleaner planet. Take a look at some drinkware products made from recycled materials: Tech! On paper tech and drinkware may not go hand-in-hand, however, check out some of the innovative features that come from combining the two. The HidrateSpark Pro tracks your water intake throughout the day, while the Ember mug allows you to set your drink to remain at a certain temperature. With a click of a button the ASOBU UV Light Hydro Bottle will purify your water in less tan 5 minutes, while the ASOBU H2 Audio-BT65 combines wireless earbuds into a water bottle to take your music with you on the go. As tech in...

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Benefits of an Online Company Store

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Benefits of an Online Company Store

Having promotional merchandise for employees and clients is great for brand exposure and developing lasting relationships with clients, but behind the scenes it can be a handful to manage. Wasting time on order fulfillment, dealing with a lack of organization, poor quality control and uncertain inventory are all problems that arise when trying to manage the distribution of branded merchandise. The solution to these issues? An online company store. Creating an online company store for either internal and (or) external users allows you to reap the benefits from branded merchandise while eliminating the problems that come with managing it. Boss Promotions currently manages 12 E-stores for a variety of clientele including the auto industry, technology and mining companies and a large law office. Our E-stores range from retail facing, to short term pop-up shops, to employee stores with individual budgets. Each store is custom built with our client’s branding and product is chosen based on their brands “personality”. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits from using an online company store to manage your branded merch:      1. Efficient and centralized distribution system By using an online company store you can remove all the headaches that come from not having up-to-date essential information. Having everything managed and organized by one party under one roof allows for more control, better costs, accurate reporting and improved inventory management. The online company store can track all the essential information for you, saving you time and energy.      2. Increased employee efficiency What better way to improve employee efficiency than by eliminating tedious tasks that don’t match up with their skill set. Counting inventory, packing and shipping out orders are all time-consuming tasks. With an online company store you’ll be saving your employees time and effort so they can focus more on what important to them.      3. Consistent branding When it comes to marketing and branding every organization has different guidelines about what is and is not allowed. An online company store creates a centralized location for all company branded products which ensures that brand specifications and guidelines are met every time.      4. Control spending Once a budget is set in place it is important to follow it as closely as possible. With online company stores you can set pre approved budget for company merchandise to make sure you aren’t over spending. You have greater control over your finances and only spend on an as need basis. In addition, an online company store provides a wide range of payment options making it easier for both employees and clients purchase your products.      5. No need to hold physical inventory With an online company store you are no longer responsible for finding space to store all your merchandise. Not only will you be saving space, you’ll be saving time and money that goes into monitoring your physical inventory. By using an online company store, your merchandise is stored for you with real time inventory and is delivered on a demand basis.      6. Improved employee morale Showing employees your appreciation leads to employees who are more motivated and productive. An online company store makes it easy to organize branded merch for your employees no matter the occasion. For instance, an incentive program for employees...

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Christmas in July? Start Shopping Early

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Christmas in July? Start Shopping Early

Christmas in July! What started in 1933, at an all-girls camp in Brevard, North Carolina, might just be the key to a successful and stress-free holiday season. To say the past 2.5 years have been a roller coaster is an understatement. It’s difficult to predict what the future may hold. With the possibility of increased supply chain issues, inventory uncertainty, and rising inflation and interest rates, getting a head start on your holiday shopping is more important than ever before. Cozy up watching your favourite Hallmark holiday movie and take a look at all the reasons why you should start your holiday shopping soon! Supply chain uncertainty: Although we may be nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ripple effects from the past 2.5 years are still felt across the globe. Logistic disruptions in the flow of consumer goods and delays in international travel are causing pile ups and delays at shipping ports, making it difficult to guarantee a quick turn around for some products. By shopping in July, you are not only giving yourself ample amounts of time for shipping, you’re also giving yourself plenty of time for stock to replenish. Inventory Issues: During the holiday season, lots of time is spent shopping for holiday gifts, but with limited quantities, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Get a head start now to make sure you don’t run out of options come December. Supply shortages and increased demand make inventory during the holiday season difficult to secure! Don’t miss out, here are some trendy gifting items that are sure to be popular this holiday season: Increasing Prices: Due to a combination of logistical disruptions, supply chain issues and limited inventory, prices have been rising. You may have noticed this in your local supermarket; however, this is an issue felt across the globe. The holiday season is already an expensive time of year, give yourself a head start and save a few extra dollars by shopping early and avoiding the possibility of rising prices, and rising interest rates. Early Shopping Discounts: At suppliers like this one, not only can you secure stock, but you can take advantage of 5% discounts on the items you already know you’ll be buying down the road. A win-win for you! Free Storage for Kit Building: If you’d like to gift your items in a kit, we can store the items until you’re ready to have them packaged and delivered. Boss Promotions has a 20,000 square foot warehouse where we can store items you’ve purchased through us free of charge. That way you don’t have to worry people trying to sneak an advance peak and we can have them ready to kit into eye-catching boxes for when you’re ready.   Full of fun festivities, the holiday season is always a busy time of year. With the increased demand that comes with the holiday season everyone including suppliers, distributors and shoppers looking to find the perfect holiday gift, are all put under stress. Don’t get stuck on Christmas Eve searching through the remaining items for all your holiday gifts. Save yourself some stress this holiday season by planning and shopping in advanced. Less stress leads to a happier holiday season for you and every you are gifting. Take at look...

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Welcome Aboard – Employee Welcome Kits

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Welcome Aboard – Employee Welcome Kits

The first day of a new job can be a nerve-racking experience. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This goes for the new hire – and now more than ever – also the organization. Employee welcome kits are not only practical, they create a golden opportunity to make a lasting first impression and build a relationship with your new hires. Employee appreciation is crucial in creating and maintaining a good company culture and reducing employee turnover. Welcome kits can take many shapes and forms, ranging from practical to fun. No matter what you are looking for, we can customize your welcome kit to fit your company’s culture and values. Take a look at some popular welcome products and examples below: First day essentials: Practical and office related items are the perfect way to set your new hires up with everything they will need for this new chapter in their lives. Popular practical employee welcome products include pens, notebooks, water bottles, stickers, and bags. Tech for everyday life: In a technology dependent workplace many employees spend their days glued to their phones and computers. Welcome your new hires with products that will complement their daily lives. Products such as power banks, headphones, speakers, mousepads, phone stands and cleaning cloths are all trendy and functional tech related items to add to a welcome kit. Apparel: Including apparel in your welcome kits not only gives your new hires some cool and comfy new clothes they can show off, but it is also an easy way to get your name out. Customized t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, hats and jackets are all great options to include in your welcome kit. Working from home: Even if your employees are working away from the office, welcoming them with a welcome kit is a great way for them to feel apart of the company culture. Including items such as blankets, mugs, plants and office supplies are all ways to spruce up your home office to add a touch of your company to your home.   Sustainability: Looking for sustainable options that align with your company’s values? Check out our blog post on sustainable materials here! Here are some of our favorite past company welcome kits for inspiration:     Source: LinkedIn                                                                      Source: BOSSPRO                        Source: LinkedIn   Source: BOSSPRO                                                                       Source: LinkedIn                                            Source: BOSSPRO   Looking for product suggestions for your kit? Browse our Warm Welcome Lookbook. Thinking about creating a welcome kit for your new hires? Contact us to get...

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Golf Events in 2022

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Golf Events in 2022

With the weather getting gradually warmer and the greens getting greener, it’s time to get set for the 2022 golf season! There is no better way to enjoy the weather than enjoying the day on the course with friends, clients or colleagues. Whether planning a golf event or gifting a golf fan, Boss Promotions has your needs covered; including apparel, swag bags for tournaments, and fun prizes for raffles or silent auctions.  Over the years, golf has drastically changed. The demographics enjoying the game is starting to shift and many more millennials are picking up the game.  According to the National Golf Federation (NGF), the “Tiger Effect” of 1999-2000 prompted 4.8 million Americans to take up on-course golf; the “Covid Effect” of 2020-2021 catalyzed another 6.2 million to step up to their first tee. This movement has caused a slow change in the merchandise and apparel being produced and used. Apparel & Accessories: Do you believe that looking the part can help you play the part? Whether that’s golf polos or hats, a good golf outfit will bring your game to the next level. At Boss, we can add your company’s logo to any golf apparel, including retail brands such as Adidas and Nike. Don’t forget ladies when you’re planning your event – from 2020 to 2022, the percentage of female golfers rose from 22% to 25%. The junior game seems an even higher percentage and 36%…meaning this rising trend hopefully won’t be going anywhere!    Looking to step it up a bit with eye-catching trendy designs or accents? We can guide you through our brands that offer exciting prints and custom capabilities. We recognize that it can be a difficult task for companies to organize their branded merchandise in regards to sizing and quantity. Talk to us about creating an inexpensive, online pop-up store to simplify the ordering process for your team and event. Trust us, skipping this step is not worth the headache that will come later when you’re trying to chase everyone for sizes and then tabulating them all! We can design short-term sites (complete with your branding colors and logo) to collect your data, including size, gender, color and home address. Then we order the goods, decorate and ship directly to their address or your event. What could be easier? Since golf apparel is becoming more personal, you may choose another type of golf accessory gift. We offer a wide variety of uniquely branded golf merchandise to create memorable impressions your event. Looking to create a buzz during your event? Talk to us about having a unique on-site experience with select vendors that offer shoe or glove fittings, sunglasses choice or personized laser engraving on any number of glassware, wood or metal accessories. Swag bags: With the golf season, comes golf tournaments and swag bags. Swag bags create a lasting and memorable impression on the client so its important to choose something useful, high quality and/or memorable – no matter what budget you have. We can guide you through important questions like tournament demographics, time of year and location, and possible theme to help you land on the perfect promotional item that won’t get discarded at the end of the event. Auction Gifts and Grand Prizes: There is no better way to gain excitement at a golf tournament than...

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Embrace Summer in the Workplace!

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Embrace Summer in the Workplace!

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine” – Brian Wilson While summer is technically not here, it is right around the corner.  And with it comes all the wonderful things that make us yearn for the season – driving with the top down, warm evenings, the perfect birdie putt, long weekends, smores around the campfire, and a cold, refreshing drink on your patio of choice! At Boss, we take advantage of the warm weather by heading outside as much as we can.  Picnic bench meetings, lunchtime walks, and summer hours are just a few of the ways we usher in the season of sunshine. There are so many ways your company can inject the spirit of summer at your workplace.  Why not randomly hand out ice cream treats on a Thursday afternoon?  Or better yet, book an ice cream truck visit to your office and treat your employees to one of the biggest joys of the summer!  If throwing some burgers on the office grill isn’t an option, considering hiring a catering company to host an authentic summer BBQ at your office.  Add a DJ, some branded SWAG, and you’ve got yourself an office summer party. Maybe a summer BBQ isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but don’t worry there are so many other ways to embrace the summer season. Something as small as adding a few new items to your office space, such as message boards on desks, games in the break room or bright coloured mugs and speakers makes all the difference in bringing your employees together and embracing the summer fun. For companies whose team members continue to work from home, a summer-themed gift filled with some seasonal favourites – an oversized beach towel, a tangy BBQ sauce, chip clips, a picnic blanket, even a cold pack for their cooler would be a welcome surprise. At Boss Promotions, we have everything you need to help you treat your employees.  Our event team is geared up and ready to plan your next team or office event, and our promo team can help add the finishing touches to give your team a WOW experience. Embrace the season because Summer is In the Air. For more ways to embrace summer take a look at our 2022 Outdoors Items...

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Meet You Outside!

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Meet You Outside!

Barbecues, bike trails, beach days or 5Ks – different ways to have fun, with one thing in common. More people are choosing to spend their free time outdoors, even if it’s no farther than the backyard with family and friends. It represents a broad lifestyle shift that’s creating new possibilities for promotional products in a variety of categories, from cozy fleece pullovers to big outdoor blankets. This year, there are four major themes driving the outdoor gifting trend. 1. Reconnect At Home + Entertain You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a patio party or a backyard barbecue, people are enjoying lots of time with friends and family at home. From speakers to grilling sets and more, find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor oasis right in your own back yard. 2. Get Out & Go Biking, hiking, yoga and more – the outdoors are full of opportunities to connect with nature and find balance. No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, unplugging from technology and getting outside is great for both the mind and body. From backpacks to drinkware and comfy apparel, we have everything you need for a peaceful day with Mother Nature. 3. Escape the ordinary From road trips to camping trips, getting out and exploring is a great way to recharge and escape the monotony of ordinary life. After all, people are traveling more than they have in years. No matter the type of getaway, we have great gifts to help prepare you for the ultimate adventure. 4. Group activities + Events Tailgate parties, fun runs, playing 18 holes – sometimes the outdoors are best enjoyed with friends. However you enjoy your outdoor time with friends and family, we have great gifts to go along with some great company.   Check out our 2022 Outdoor Items Catalogue for more gifting ideas for outdoor...

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Show Your Pride!

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Show Your Pride!

Widely considered as the most important event in the modern fight for LGBTQ+ rights, Pride Festivals were originally held to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Now; 53 years later, Pride parades and festivals are held across the globe celebrating LGBTQ+ acceptance, achievements, rights and pride. After two years of quiet celebrations, pride festivals and events are back and are predicted to be bigger than ever! Thus, there’s no better time to fly the rainbow flag for your brand and show your support for your employees, customers or fans. Here are some ways you can use branded merchandise to show your support for the continuous fight for equality on all levels and for all people, while recognizing the amazing contribution the LGBTQ+ make in our society. Apparel: Any apparel piece can instill pride if decorated with full colour graphics. We can add your logo to any of these free graphics or custom create one for you. Bags: Accessories: Lifestyle: Yummy Treats:   See our 2022 Pride Mini Book for more ideas for branded merchandise that celebrates Pride...

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