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Since it was first recognized in 1970, Earth Day has grown to a global mobilization of over 1 billion citizens strong who share a commitment to fight for the health of our planet. With even a greater sense of urgency, this year’s theme of Invest in our Planet has a focus to “preserve and protect our heath, our families and our livelihoods” and calls on all citizens to “act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably”.

At BOSSPRO, we are always looking for ways to push sustainable products – ones that leave less of a footprint on the planet and offer just as high a level of quality, trendiness and usefulness for your brand. To be considered sustainable, a product should use less water and energy during production, use materials made from renewable resources or waste products, and have reduced chemical waste and emissions. Best case scenario products would be biodegradable and with minimal packaging.

We’ve created this guide to explore some of the more popular materials on the market and help you become a more environmentally conscious consumer when purchasing your everyday branded merchandise!

Recycled Materials

Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton reduces the amount of new cotton being produced and used, and reduces the impact of cotton farming. Cotton farming not only requires 250 billion tons of water annually, but also heavily relies on pesticides.

Products pictured: Tote Bag | Apron | Notebook

Recycled Polyester (rPET)

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this process diverts plastic from landfills. Plastic is melted to make fibers, which can be turned into fabrics. These fabrics can then be turned into products such as t-shirts, reusable grocery bags, and backpacks!

Products pictured: Backpack | Umbrella | T-shirt | Water Bottle

Cellulose (Recycled Paper)

Cellulose insulation is made from up to 85 percent recycled material and uses less energy to manufacture than other types of insulation. By sourcing local materials like the paper you put in your recycling bin, using low-energy manufacturing and reducing the need for long-haul transportation, cellulose insulation is an environmentally responsible choice.

Products pictured: Cellulose Waist Pack | Cellulose Cooler Bag | Recycled Paper USB

Plant-Based Materials


Hemp is an eco-friendly crop, requiring little water, pesticide, or fertilizers to grow quickly. Fabrics are also biodegradable.

Products pictured: Hemp tote | Hemp Beanie | Hemp Notebook


Strong and durable, bamboo is another plant that grows quickly and easily, and doesn’t need pesticide or fertilizers. Bamboo can not only be used as a fabric, but for other eco-friendly goods, such as cutlery, toothbrushes, cutting boards, etc.

Products pictured: Bamboo Utensils | Bamboo Charger Powerbank | Bamboo Hoodie


Did you know cork comes from trees? Harvested from the bark of cork oak trees that grow in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa, cork is sustainable and renewable. Cork is naturally elastic, fire resistant, cushioning, anti-microbial, biodegradable, and buoyant, making it a fantastic material for items such as shoes, and leather and wood alternatives.

Products pictured: Cork Tote Bag | Cork Name Badge | Cork Yoga Mat

Biodegradable Resins

To reduce dependence on traditional plastics, biodegradable resins are derived from plants such as corn and soybeans, making them biodegradable and compostable. They are widely used as plastic substitutes for items such as single-use plastics (e.g. cutlery, disposable food packaging), cosmetics, and medical products.

Products pictured: lip balm packaging made from potato| pens made from cornstarch | cups made from coffee grounds

Seed Paper

Seed paper is an eco-friendly paper made with recycled materials embedded with plant (e.g. wildflower) seeds. After the paper is used, it can be planted.

Wristbands made from seed paper

Other products: Seed Wristbands | Seed Calendar

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is a byproduct from grain harvesting, and when the leftover stalks are used to make plastic, it becomes compostable! It is most commonly used for straws, but is great for other plastic replacements.


Products pictured: wheat ear buds | wheat straw notebook | wheat straw utensils


Fabrics and Materials to Avoid

Materials to avoid would include products made with new plastic and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, spandex, acrylic, nylon, and rayon. These fabrics are made from petroleum and/or coal-based chemicals, making their production harmful to the environment.

Look for many more ideas on how you can make better choices when purchasing everyday merchandise for your employees gifts and client giveaways in our latest Boss Curated – Fresh & New Lookbook.



April is here and the month of celebrating the planet begins! Many companies and brands will be focusing on their environmental impact more than ever this month – sharing their eco strategies as well as purchasing promotional products to help their employees and clients decrease their footprint in the world. While this is excited to see, companies must be careful to not fall prey to “greenwashing”, are marketing trap that can come across as phony and misleading.

Greenwashing is essentially when a company or organization spends more time and money on marketing themselves as being sustainable than on actually minimizing their environmental impact. It’s a deceitful advertising method to gain favor with consumers who choose to support businesses that care about bettering the planet. Greenwashing takes up valuable space in the fight against environmental issues, like climate change, plastic ocean pollution, air pollution and global species extinctions.

But, take heart, follow these ideas to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing.

Ways to be Eco-friendly Without Greenwashing

1. Turn off the lights! This alone can cut energy costs greatly. Open curtains and use natural light, which will brighten rooms and moods. Add desk plants that thrive in sunlight and increase air quality and wellness.

    People Planter Kit                  Wooden Cube Blossom Kit             Modern Sprout Balance Kit

2. Encourage reusable lunch items. Encourage employees to bring in their own meals will not only cut down on disposable packaging from takeout but it will help cut down on carbon emissions by not having people driving to get lunch every day.


Lunch Box Set                          Wheatstraw Tableware Set                    rPET Lunch Cooler

3. Use a reusable coffee cup and water bottle. Instead of buying coffee in a paper cup every time you need a coffee fix, buy an insulated coffee mug and fill it up at the home or office with your daily coffee. Ban plastic water bottles and install high quality water coolers for refilling your gifted reusable water bottles.


Vacuum Insulated Cup        Bottle w/ Copper Lining              Stojo Titan 24oz Cup

4. Embrace reusable items. Talk to us about items that can reduce your waste output – refillable notebooks, whiteboards instead of post-it notes, even a pencil that lasts forever!


Retractable Infinity Pencil                 Reusable Memo Pad            Rocketbook Notebook Bundle Set

To avoid greenwash marketing for your brand, even unconsciously, continue to do your part by reaching for reusable products – not just in the month of April – but all year long.


For more inspiration on sustainable merchandise and trends, check out our latest catalogue here.

Green Friday

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Green Friday

Black Friday is a day that is anticipated after Americans stuff themselves on Thanksgiving, they go in search of stuff to buy the day after. People camp overnight outside stores to take advantage of the doorbuster specials. However, over the last couple of years things have changed to turn away from unnecessary spending and consumption. Now, instead of people racing to open their wallets, some stores are even closing their doors. Outdoor retailer REI announced that from this year, that will shut down for the whole day on Black Friday and encourage its employees and members to spend time outside rather than shopping. Many people tend to buy more than they want or even need during these Black Friday sales, which is contributing to a host of environmental issues. Happily, “conscious consumerism” is gaining momentum in an attempt to find mindful materialism. Last year, an event called “Green Friday” hit the retail calendar in Australia, timed to coincide with Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. Green Friday challenges consumers to not rush to the shops and instead choose to shop sustainable products – or to better yet not shop at all. So show your clients and employees that your brand cares for the planet – while also showing recognition and appreciation for them! Two birds, one happy stone (or planet). Some sustainable themes to consider gifting this Green Friday: Upcycling: One of the best solutions to environmental issues is to find other purposes for discarded items. Below are some “upcycled” merchandise options. Preloved Blowaway Mitts The Blowaway Mitts upholds Preloved mission of using upcycled vintages by carefully curating each complimentary selected vintage fabric for distinctiveness and style to incorporate with our signature 16oz fleece, creating a timeless, unique and beautiful piece that promotes sustainability and tells a story. Refresh Glass The glasses are rescued from the community, and upcycled into new stylish drinkware sets. Each glass is created from a wine bottle that has been collected from local bars and restaurants, working towards Refresh Glass’s 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission. Ethica Rectangle Cushion Composed of 100% mixed premium quality recycled fabrics (organic cotton / recycled polyester) and transformed by Coup de Pouce, a company allowing the development of employability of young people with learning difficulties. The purchase of an Ethica cushion allows you to revalue the fabric scraps generated by the production of more or less fifty items of clothing. Circular® 20 oz. Bottle Circular Bottle is the reusable bottle made from bottles. Each Circular Bottle is made from 92% single-use bottles – 14 single use, disposable bottles that are recycled, given new life as Circular Bottles and kept out of our waterway and landfills. Sustainable Material: From recycled plastic to wheat straw, bamboo and organic cotton – these days almost any product has options that are constructed with sustainable materials that you can feel good about. Recycled Wheat Wireless Earbuds Pairing tech and eco-friendly material is music to the ears! These TWS earbuds are made from 35% recycled wheat husk and support wireless technology V5.1, allowing up to 4 hours of playback time. If you are on the go, even better! Linden Recycled Felt Coasters (Set of 4) What says you care about your customers, the planet, and preventing unsightly water marks? The Linden set of four recycled felt...

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Gifting Holiday Wellness

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Gifting Holiday Wellness

The holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle. There’s plenty of excitement, from baking and eating delicious food to seeing family and friends around town or around the country. But with fun also comes stress, sleep deprivation, travel, long lines, planning and much preparation. For many, the holiday season means planning and taking care of others and this leaves little time for taking care of oneself. Gifting wellness merchandise demonstrates that your brand encourages enjoyment of the holidays and wants the receiver to remember to take time to care for their own needs and emotions. We can add your logo or thoughtful messaging to this any of this thoughtful merchandise. Below are a few ideas to gift “self-care” during this holiday season –  your clients and employees surely deserve it! DYI Spa Nothing beats a day at the spa, but a spa themed gift can transport your receivers to a moment, hour or day of Zen. 1. Cozy Mini Spa Kit  2. Modern Sprout® Seek Peace Lavender Take Care Kit   3. Everyday Self-Care Book  4. Naturally You Spa Kit  5. Made in Canada Handmade Soaps  6. Custom Material Neck Wrap  7. Aromatherapy Glass Jar Candle Awaken The Senses One of our big 2022 Trends, comfort can be enhanced by calming and engaging all your senses. Whether its the taste of delicious cookies, a beautiful smelling candle or the touch of soft fuzzy socks, engaging your taste, smell, touch, sound and sight through gifting will unleash a sense of calm. 1. FreshBaked Bakers Choice Cookie Tin  2. Recycled Glass Aromatherapy Candle  3. Concord Handheld Massage Gun  4. Happy Daylight Desk Lamp  5. Aroma Oil Diffuser  5. Custom Fuzzy Socks   The Power of Sleep There is no kinder gift than something that is going to help with a good nights sleep. Sleeping improves memory and productivity, while also boosting your immune system and increasing your overall mood. 1. Cloud10 Weighted Blanket  2. Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger  3. R&R Sound Machine  4. Easy Rest Aromatherapy Sleep Mask  5. The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit  6. Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket   A New Perspective Encouraging a disconnect from the hectic world of work is very important for employers. Strong brands shine a focus on family, friends and “me-time”. Guided journals, coloring and sketch books, and more give the gift of expanding   1. Moleskin Wellness Journal  2. Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices For Everyday Life  3.  Zen Coloring Book Combo  4. Unplug (A Day and Night Journal for Cultivating Off-Screen Well-Being)  5. Hobbry Northern Lights 1000 Piece Puzzle   Encouraging self-care, reflection and relaxation during the gifting season demonstrates that your brand cares about the well-being of the receiver – whether a client or employee. Talk to your sales rep today on these and more ideas that can be found in our Boss Promotions Holiday Lookbook.    ...

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Add a Little Merry to Your Holiday!

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Add a Little Merry to Your Holiday!

The holidays are here! Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Festivus, it’s a great time to serve up the best gifts to the cocktail fans in your life. Gifting alcohol and accessories doesn’t fit with every brand, but if it does fit with yours, then we can guide you to some great merchandise that will help get the party started. From glasses and accessories to cocktail mixes and recipe books, we have plenty of great gift ideas to fit any budget and delight that person in your life who deserves a very Merry (and boozy) Holiday! Budget Ideas Even the smallest budgets deserve a little merry! These small essentials will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 1. Ice Sphere Mold  |  2. Belgravia 3-in-1 Wine Opener  |  3. Metallic Litte Buddy Koozie  |  4. Slate Coasters in Burlap Bag Mixologist Want-To-Be Choosing a cocktail-themed gift is not only trendy, but it includes bonus “experiences” that keep your brand fresh in your receiver’s mind.   1. Aged & Infused DIY Out of Office Infusion Kit  |  2. Niagara Cutlery™ 6 oz Wood Flask |  3. The Curious Bartender’s Home Bar Kit  |  4. CraftKitchen™ 24 oz Cocktail Shaker  |  5. Be Home® Luxe Hanging Bar Tool Set  |  6. 16oz Tiki Glass  |  7. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo |  8. Cocktail Multi Tool  |  9. W&P Cocktail Tin Kits Whisky Wishes Gift a fun experience that can lead to a new passion!       1. W&P Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold & Soirée Old Fashioned Gift Set |  2. Asobu Iridescent Old Fashioned Glass  |  3.Whiskey Stone Set  |  4. Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit  |  5. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo |  6. Asobu On The Rocks Kuzie Beer Me! Beer is a year round beverage popular with many, so gift these trendy pieces to enhance the enjoyment of a cold, frosty one.   1. Wood Bar Blade Bottle Opener | 2. Frost Buddy® Universal Buddy  |  3. Brewmaster  Tall Boy  | 4. Live Edge Beer Sampling Flight Paddle | 5. Harworth 20oz Stein  | 6. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo | 7. Brisk Beer Chiller  | 8. Asobu 64oz Growler Jug Wine Time Go classic with wine gifts, and pair classic accessories with a favorite bottle.       1. Velvet Wine Tote | 2. BYOB Deep Etched Bottle  |  3. Wine Glass Marker Set  | 4. Moleskine® Wine Passion Journal  | 5. Aware Stemmed Wine Glass | 6. Fabrizio Wine Accessories Set  | 7. Out of The Woods® Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet |  8. Swiss Force® Wine Aerator and Dispenser | 9. Aviana™ Magnolia Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler No matter the beverage theme you focus on, these gifts pull double duty as lasting experiences that build great memories, all while enhancing your brand. Ask us about our kitting services to build a themed package for your receiver that will create huge buzz. For more ideas around food and beverage experiences, check out our Holiday...

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Holiday Gifting Survival Guide

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Holiday Gifting Survival Guide

As the end of year approaches, there’s a buzz in the air that’s both exciting and exhausting…just like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”. We’ve put together a few ideas to help make your holiday/year end gifting joyous for your team or clients and stress-free for you.‍ Plan Ahead and Be Flexible‍ The Golden Rule: The earlier you reserve your gifts, the more likely you are to be able to secure your top choice items. We recommend clients start the holiday conversation at least two months in advance of when they’d like the gifts to arrive. This allows time for ideation, product design and development, shipping, and fulfillment. So if you haven’t ordered your gifts yet and you’re reading this – you’re already late! But if you don’t have the gift of time – that’s okay too! Our team can always find workarounds – rush orders, expedited shipping, alternative options – but we’ve found that the gifts that are planned early are just way less work for our clients. 1. Puff Puff Laptop Sleeve |  2. Stormtech Avalanche Fleece Full Zip Jacket  |  3. Custom Box Chocolate Bomb  |  4. Canada Made Cuffed Beanie  |  5. Spruce Tree Wooden Cube Blossom Kit  |  6. Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket  |  7. Asobu® Ultimate Coffee Mug Order/Send Gifts That People Want Can’t read minds? Neither can we! How fun would that be though? Although maybe a little scary. Boss Promotions works with our clients in a number of different ways to collect information from gift recipients before a gift is sent, so that you produce exactly what people want. We can conduct surveys on your behalf, email order forms, or create an online storefront to take orders from your team or clients. Choosing options to create only what is ordered, not only saves you time and money and ensures everyone gets something they love, but it also gives you extra touch-points with your receiver. More touch-points = more engagement = more bang for your gifting buck.       1. Herschel Settlement 15″ Computer Backpack |  2. Courant Essentials Catch: 1 Charger  | 3. Lynn & Lydia Acacia Baguette Board  | 4. Champion Adult Powerblend® Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt  | 5. Custom Box Gingerbread DYI Kit Create An Unboxing Moment, Leave A Lasting Impression Love or hate Amazon, they have trained most of us to think that a brown box on the doorstep is something we either bought for ourselves or a gift for someone else. I don’t know about you, but when I order gifts for my kids from Amazon, I wrap them. Why? Because presentation matters! When you send a gift you are trying to make your recipient FEEL something joyful. With some fun and inexpensive special touches, we can make sure your gift sparkles from the moment it hits your recipient’s doorstep. See Your Boss Sales Rep As Your Personal Gifting Elf You’re ready to get started, but not quite sure where that is or what that looks like. Talk to us, the gifting experts! Let us guide you to a holiday gift that surprises and delights. Our Boss sales team is standing by ready to assist! We operate like an extension of your team – we learn your brand and your audience, and then curate merchandise...

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Be on the ‘Nice List’ this Holiday Season

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Be on the ‘Nice List’ this Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means gathering with loved ones and spending quality time together. And it also means gifts and presents all around. It’s sometimes called the most wonderful time of the year, however, it’s during these times that we should also think about those who don’t have the means to give or receive gifts. Giving back during the holiday season is a great reminder to us of the good things we have and why we need to spread that good as far as we can. Value and ease of purchase are still the main drivers of purchase decisions, but values such as sustainability and giving back to charity are becoming a bigger factors. While we still want to show appreciation to our employees and clients, there’s a way to do it that could align with your brand values.  Fashion and lifestyle retail brands are more often partnering their business with eco-charities and give back programs – which means any gift you give has a further reach than just the recipient. Here are some items that ‘give back’ to get you on the ‘Nice List’ this year! Hilana Upcycled Fethiye Throw Blanket Hilana focuses on women’s well-being and personal development, in addition to preserving their culture and crafts. A proud to be a Certified B Corporation, they balance purpose and profit to use business as a force for good. Sock Club Custom Socks Custom socks, made in the USA with low minimums. Sock Club donates over 100,000 socks to homeless charities each year. Denik Journals Denik’s custom lay flat journals also help to build schools worldwide. Special Edition MiiR and Slowtide Camp Cup Set This exclusive collaboration of two power house retail brands double the giving power to water charities. tentree Organic Cotton Hoody Each tentree piece = 10 trees planted! This organic cotton hoody includes a scanable hangtag which allows the receiver to track where the trees are planted. Good & Well Supply Co National Park Candles All-natural soy candle handcrafted to import the scents of the wild and pristine lands of National Parks, while donating a percentage back to them. Wooden Cube Blossom Kit The Wooden Cube Planter has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees! For every planter kit order received, a tree will be donated. Giving double has never been easier. Deciding what is important to your brand is the first step – and then we can suggest gifts that align with your values. You won’t regret landing on the ‘Nice List’! For more information on these brands, speak to your rep or contact us. For more ideas, see our Holiday...

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Blankets: The Perfect Gift?

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Blankets: The Perfect Gift?

With the weather getting colder, the fireplaces are turning on and our living rooms are taking on a cozy vibe. And that means layers of blankets! Whether they are used for cozying up with a warm beverage and some snacks to read, having a streaming marathon with family, or watching sports with friends, everyone has a use for a blanket. We believe a blanket is the perfect gift, as they can be a low budget, meaningful, and practical gift that would put a smile on anyone’s face, without having to worry about sizing & gender. And aside from their aesthetic appeal, they also encourage a message of calm and relaxation, which gets passed on to the receiver. Economical Blankets These simple and affordable blankets are under $30 and are still a simple way to wish someone coziness. 1. Recycled PET Fleece Blanket with RPET Pouch   2. Super Plus Cozy Blanket   3. Lakeland Fleece Blanket Give Good Blankets Retail brands are entering the promotional industry and providing options that are high quality, eco-friendly and offer a “give back” feature that takes the gift even further. 1. tentree Organic Cotton Peaks Woven Blanket  2. Hilana Upcycled Fethiye Throw Blanket  3. Slowtide® Brushed Cotton Throw Blanket Weighted Blankets A weighted blanket is always a good option if you are looking to gift someone a blanket as they provide all of the benefits of a traditional blanket along with some extra benefits that have been scientifically proven to work. The weighted blanket uses pressure therapy and simulates the feeling of being hugged or held to put autonomic nervous system at rest which can reduce stress and produce a calming feeling. 1. Cloud10 Weighted Blanket  2. Zen 12lb Weighted Blanket Outdoor/Travel Blankets A road trip classic, having a compact and easily portable blanket is essential for a picnic, sporting event or hike. Gifting an outdoor blanket encourages fresh air and exercise! 1. Field & Co. Eco Picnic Blanket  2. Wearable Quilted Blanket  3. Tek Explorer Picnic Blanket Blankets as Art An eye-catching design will be the highlight of anyone’s couch, whether its a fully custom piece, vibrant colors, or a muted natural design.   1. tentree Organic Cotton Juniper Blanket  2. Custom Epicolor Plush Blanket  3. Slowtide Fleece Blanket   Talk to us about giving the gift of warmth this holiday season. These blanket examples are just the type of the start of what we can offer – for many more of our favorites, click here. And for other ideas – perhaps a little add-on like a candle or cookie – see our full Boss Holiday...

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Food as an Experience

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Food as an Experience

Food. Glorious Food! Whether we use it to fuel our bodies, to comfort and soothe our souls, or to show love and appreciation, food plays an enormous role in our lives. Food unites us, allows us to discover new cultures, and builds memories that are triggered simply by the smell of your favorite fare. It has been almost 30 years since the launch of The Food Network, a channel that brought cooking into the mainstream and made chefs out of all of us. With the more recent launch of a flurry of social media platforms, food has now itself become the bona fide star, and has an undeniable power to influence, inspire and invite. The love and power of food has also transformed how we gift it. Beautifully designed packages of experiential themed baskets and boxes, all branded with your logo will undoubtedly create a memorable moment for your client. With the holiday season just around the corner, you have the perfect occasion to send beautiful, curated food gifts that not only share your brand but also deliver a memorable experience that can be enjoyed solo or shared with their families and friends. Here are some of our favorite food themed gifts that inspire an added experience for the recipient. Decorating and Baking Kits: Bring the whole family together with these baking and decorating kits. Beautiful Boards: Gifting a beautiful charchuterie board encourages a gathering over deliciousness! Gourmet Nights: Burger Night! Pizza Night! Taco Night! There’s always a reason to celebrate with these kits and tools that gift a party in a box. Branded Cookbooks and Journals: Gifting branded cookbooks and journals can encourage recipe sharing or social media posting contests with recipients.   You’re so Sweet: Sweet gifts that create an experience – whether its a 30 second social media post of your exploding hot chocolate bomb or a hot chocolate bar for friends and family to design their own gourmet creation!     Looking to take your gift to the next level? Adding cooking utensils, aprons, spices, or gift cards to a local butcher or grocery delivery service can easily be kitted with any of the above. See more ideas in our Holiday Lookbook! Whatever you choose to gift as a good experience, it will be sure to leave the recipient with warm thought about your brand and a smile on their face....

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The Rich History of the Hoodie

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The Rich History of the Hoodie

The hoodie is universally loved for its soft, warm and comfortable fit, but did you know this beloved piece of clothing has a rich history submerged in culture? From medieval Europe to sports and street culture, the hoodie has seen it all. Let’s take a look at the brief history of the hoodie: 1920’s: The sweatshirt In 1926, after looking for an alternative to itchy wool practice jerseys Russell Athletics produced the first sweatshirt, now widely regarded as a crew neck sweatshirt. The thick comfortable all-cotton material with became known for its comfort and durability and thus the first sweatshirt began production by 1930. 1930’s: The hooded sweatshirt Born of modest origins, the first official hooded sweatshirt, was created by Champion, formally the Knickerbocker Knitting Co. Looking for a solution to keep laborers and athletes warm and protected from the elements, Champion created a thicker and warmer all-cotton material, and combined it with a hood resulting in the hoodie. Although Champion and Russell Athletics are the oldest hoodie and sweatshirt brands they are still some of the most popular! Check out some of their best-selling products: Russell Athletics                                                                     Champion 1960’s: collegiate fashion Like many other fashion trends, the hooded sweatshirt grew its popularity quickly throughout high schools, as track and football athletes would give their hoodies to their girlfriends to wear. By the 1960’s the hoodie’s popularity continued to spread as university and colleges, much like today, began printing their logos on hoodies. 1970’s: the rise of the athletes Originally called “side-line sweatshirts,” these new hooded sweatshirts fit right into the sports industry. By the 1960s, legends like Muhammed Ali were often photographed wearing hoodies in training. This celebrity appeal persisted thanks to icons like Joe Namath but its when the cult film Rocky came out in 1976, that the hooded sweatshirt finally gained some iconic status. The main actor Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone,) wears a grey hoodie in most training scenes, as he fights his way up from amateur boxer to heavyweight champion of the world. All the big names in sports apparel jump on the trend. Here are some of our current sport brand faves: Under Armour                                  Adidas                                        Nike 1980’s and onwards…  The rather negative connotation of the hoodie being associated to crime (and graffiti) rapidly became a positive, cool and urban association. Due to the emergence of New York hip hop culture and rap throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s hip-hop and street style had developed a large influence on mainstream fashion. By the 1990’s the hooded sweatshirt was now regarded as the “hoodie” and had made its way to the runway, with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren helping to bring the street style around full circle. Today’s favourites…  While the hoodie can still carry a negative connotation (such as sloppy dressing), it has become an increasingly popular piece of clothing due to...

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Attend Client Day at our National Promotional Products Tradeshow

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Attend Client Day at our National Promotional Products Tradeshow

September 15th is client day at our Promotional Products Canada National Tradeshow. Boss Promotions is inviting you to walk with us to see all the latest new merchandise, trends and apparel just in time for planning the holiday season and 2023 marketing plans. This tradeshow is a free, one-day, not-to-be-missed event! Sign up HERE! Read on for some of our top reasons for attending this tradeshow! 1. Get new ideas A trade show is a perfect place to get you out of a rut. They host a seemingly endless supply of businesses promoting their products which can present solutions to problems you weren’t aware of or offer ideas for how you can boost your business. It can provide that needed inspiration to push your business one step further! Why pass up this opportunity to easily see everything the promotional world has to offer you under one roof? 2. Indulge your senses Pickup, touch & feel, try on, etc. Instead of getting a whole bunch of samples sent to you – go to the samples! Everything at the show is there for you to get a tangible sense of what the product is like. There may even be music on speakers to listen to, soaps to smell and goodies to taste! 3. Everything is in one place When business owners, industry leaders and teachers, and product promoters are all consolidated to one area, it provides a chance to do a lot in a small amount of time. You can get up to date on industry trends, discover new products, and discover ways to increase business for your company. 4. Meet & Greet with Boss employees You are free to walk the show on your own, at your own pace…or you can choose to walk with your Boss rep and meet face to face! Meet our preferred vendors, let us point out new and exciting products to you, and get to know us! 5. A Boss Treat All clients that come to the show will go home with a little something special from us to help you soak in all that you’ve seen and experienced!   Don’t miss this one-day, free event.  You don’t want to miss it! September 15, 2022, 10:00am – 3:00pm Toronto International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga Sign up...

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Drinkware: The Latest Fashion Accessory

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Drinkware: The Latest Fashion Accessory

When you hear fashion the first thing that normally come to mind are clothes, shoes or hats fresh off of the runway, but now its time to reconsider the notion that fashion only includes wearables. What used to be an after thought, tossed carelessly in bags, is now the latest must have product. Drinkware is a practical and trendy accessory to accompany an occasion and outfit. The latest trend: drinkware The practicality of drinkware in partnership with the power of social media is to blame for it’s rising popularity. Celebrities and influencers being photographed holding a bottle can turn a generic brand into the latest craze. Hop on the latest trend and some personality to your outfits with trendy drinkware. Whether you take a minimalistic approach with a sleek design, or prefer to show off a bold fun pattern, there is an option available for you. Here are some trending brands right now: Hydro Flask, ASOBU, YETI, S’well and Stojo are all know for their high-quality materials and sleek designs that turn heads. However, it’s important to note that the perks of fashionable water bottles go beyond their visual appearance. Many products feature unique characteristics that make them just as practical as fashionable. For instance some keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours while others are small enough to fit into a handbag or are constructed with eco-friendly materials. Brands that give back Some brands go beyond the stylish designs, high-quality construction and unique features. Brands such as CORCKCILE, Welly, MiiR and Klean Kanteen emphasize the importance of giving back. Purchasing from brands that have a charitable aspect may tie into your company values or make a lasting impression on your employees and clients. None the less you are purchasing a product that makes a change. Both MiiR and Klean Kanteen are members of  1% For the Planet, an organization whose members donate 1% of their annual sales to organizations working to protect our planet. Other brands such as Welly and CORKCILCE both support organizations that focus on providing access to clean water. Welly donates 1% of sales to support clean water in underserved communities, while CORCKCICLE donates a portion of every purchase to bring people clean water through their partnership with charity: water. Sustainable drinkware With an increased emphasis on our environmental impact, shopping sustainability has become a popular consumer buying habit. Purchasing reusable bottles is a good start but many look to go a step further to find sustainability made products. By purchasing high quality products made from recycled plastic, glass and decomposable materials you are encouraging sustainable manufacturing methods and are contributing to a healthier and cleaner planet. Take a look at some drinkware products made from recycled materials: Tech! On paper tech and drinkware may not go hand-in-hand, however, check out some of the innovative features that come from combining the two. The HidrateSpark Pro tracks your water intake throughout the day, while the Ember mug allows you to set your drink to remain at a certain temperature. With a click of a button the ASOBU UV Light Hydro Bottle will purify your water in less tan 5 minutes, while the ASOBU H2 Audio-BT65 combines wireless earbuds into a water bottle to take your music with you on the go. As tech in...

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