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Rino Ferrara – General Manager

Rino Ferrara – General Manager


Rino joined Boss Promotions in 2008 after many years of managerial experience in the automotive industry. He quickly became an essential member of the team, evidenced by our popular phrase “What does Rino think?”. Along with his General Manager responsibilities, he has been tasked with supervising our office overseas, which requires frequent, long trips to manage quality control, inspect factories and attend industry trade shows. As taxing as this sounds – he really enjoys it!
A steady stream of Italian can often be heard from Rino’s office, which means he’s talking to one of his family members from his home country. Rino is truly a man of the world, evidenced by his adventurous vacations with his lovely wife. Father and grandfather, he can fit anything and anyone into his schedule, including the occasional game of squash.

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