Overseas Sourcing & Custom Products

On occasions, it might be necessary to scour the earth to find the perfect custom product for your requirements. Also, if your quantities and timing allow it, going through overseas production offers you the most cost effective means of delivering a product.


Boss Promotions first opened its Shenzhen China office in 2004. Our experienced and talented employees have built valuable relationships with hundreds of foreign factories, and their presence offers invaluable on-the-ground quality control and time management from sampling to delivery. The costing we provide at the start of the project will not have any surprises. Boss Promotions provides a complete package to your door.


Overseas production gives you the opportunity to create something completely unique. Boss Promotions can turn your ideas or drawings into reality. We have the capabilities to custom design any product to fit your needs, even if you don’t yet know what the product is. Our creative team will brainstorm new and exciting products just for your brand.


Here are a few of our exciting custom products:


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