Angela Nicolau – Account Executive

Angela joined the Boss team in 2018 from the marketing agency business. She was referred to us by one of our top clients and we didn’t miss the opportunity to add her to our team. Using her experience with events and promotions, she knows the importance of reacting quickly to client’s needs and is able to expertly handle the fast-paced environment of the agency world. Knowing it is a key to get the perfect, trendy product in the client’s hands, she is always on the lookout for the next hot item.

Angela always loves a new experience and is eager to work on the variety of creative projects that can pop up at any time here at Boss Promotions. Even though she loves face time with clients and building great relationships, she is also willing to learn all aspects of business and step in behind the scenes as well. Being extremely organized, her colleagues have come to rely on her attention to detail and task management skills to keep them in line.

After hours, Angela enjoys getting outdoors, spending lots of time with family, and trying new recipes. With a passion for planning, she has helped organize events in and outside of business. For her, it’s all about creating memories and looking forward to the next occasion to celebrate.

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