Alex Poon – Senior Account Manager

Arriving in 2011 as a summer student, Alex’s first day on the job was legendary – showed up dressed to kill in a suit and tie, only to be put to work in our warehouse doing inventory of T-shirts. After graduating university, Alex joined the team full time and never looked back.

His dedication, impeccable organization skills and his commitment to the job earned Alex the opportunity to manage many of our corporate accounts after a very short time. Now the lead Account Manager for Samsung Canada, he works with Samsung’s head office to develop and maintain an internal ordering web portal for their employees. He also has an important role in our fast-paced agency division – and added a spectacular activation for Skittles to his portfolio.

In and out of the office, Alex’s extracurricular activities mainly involve all kinds of food. You’ll always find someone asking Alex, ‘”what do you want to do for lunch?” in hopes that he’ll suggest a new takeout option for the office since his culinary decisions are always on point. To counterbalance this passion, Alex makes sure that he hits the gym frequently, plays basketball and works on his new condo.

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