Jaimie has wealth of experience dealing with kitting and fulfilment projects. She helps agencies, brands and retailers get their kitting projects done – with passion, attention to detail and speed. Warehousing, pick and pack services, assembly packaging, kitting, order fulfillment, and third party logistics are all executed from our warehouse in ways that make sense for your program. Contact Jaimie for more information and pricing structures to begin your kitting projects today.

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      We offer 15 years experience managing merchandise distribution programs. We will integrate with existing suppliers and/or present our own solutions. Either way, we will effectively manage the process with vendors and your staff to coordinate production schedules, press checks, shipment arrival dates, materials orders, etc.


      Given our vast experience, we expect a challenge (or many challenges) with every project that hits our loading docks. We anticipate problems and tackle them head on. We do it smoothly and calmly, presenting unique solutions that others do not have the ability to do.

      Some of our experiences include:

      • The client wants 37,000 units out by Tuesday
      • The client wants to store 17 pallets of product indefinitely.
      • "Just ship these out" turns into 14 distribution centers in various quantities.
      • Your biggest client wants a sample. Now.
      • You find out your product leaks.
      • You find out your client approved a phone number that goes to a sex line.
      • The client gives you a list from 2011.
      • You need the product's HTS code (whatever that is) for US shipping.
      • Items don’t fit in the provided box.

      With over 10 years experience with kitting projects, we have the connections and knowledge to get the job done correctly, on time and on budget!

      We WILL....

      Assist you with all types of kitting projects, large & complex or small & simple.

      Design, develop, and test each packaging solution to your your specific kitting project.

      Offer solutions that will meet your timelines to ensure your items arrive at the right time, at the right location and look great!

      Source all of the products and materials for the kitting job if requested.

      Present shipping options that work for your items and budget.

      Provide all tracking and inventory reports associated with the project in a timely manner.

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