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31 Jul The unpredictability of fads.

Once a year, a new fad comes and goes. As a promotions and solutions company, it’s our job to jump on that trend and deliver. In 2017, a weird shaped children’s toy called the Fidget Spinner took the world by storm. A fidget spinner is a colorful device that entails three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central core. To use a fidget spinner, you squeeze the core and give the blades a flick… that’s...

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09 Dec Add A Retail Touch to your custom Apparel

These days, getting your brand out there – literally walking around the streets – may be more difficult than you think. A lot of people are turned off by large logos in their face, even if they are getting the item for free. How many times have you worn that charity walk T-shirt you received?  Or a toque with a big embroidery done right on your forehead? Locations for logos have traditionally been applied to...

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18 Oct Industry Trend Alert – How Retail Brands are Changing the Promotional Game

We’re seeing a trend of buyers putting an emphasis on quality and trendiness over price. Some have accused our industry of pushing cheap trinkets and “chotskies”, and in response the industry has looked to the retail sector for a bit of inspiration. We are always trying to push the envelope in providing new and innovative products, and the industry is slowly following. Retail brands influencing our industry in two key ways. First, the emergence of...

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23 Sep Custom socks are the ultimate accessory

He’s been in office for less than a year, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already accomplished a lot. He’s established a diverse cabinet with as many women as men, welcomed more than 25,000 refugees, and he has pledged to introduce policies to improve native rights, gender and LGBT equality, and climate change. But he has also won over Canada and the rest of the world with his impressive style.  This style extends all...

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